From the Wok Side Archives - The BoardWok Restaurant

East Meets West Omelette

Shrimp, Asian roast pork, and chicken, with mushrooms, shredded cabbage, onions, and snow peas, served over steamed rice with sauteed vegetables

Vegetable Delight

Fresh Asian vegetables stir fried with mushrooms served with steamed rice

General Tso’s Chicken

Crispy boneless chicken sauteed in chef’s spicy special sauce, served with steamed rice, and surrounded with fresh steamed broccoli

Chicken Teriyaki

Grilled teriyaki on skewers basted to perfection with a sweet teriyaki glaze, served with steamed rice and sauteed vegetables or veggie fried rice

Chicken or Beef with Broccoli

Sliced chicken breast or Beef  stir fried with fresh broccoli and served with steamed rice

Kev’s Shrimp Fried Rice

Shrimp stir fried with bacon, onions, sliced cabbage and broccoli crowns, topped with scallions, served with your choice of chicken teriyaki or spring roll

Kev’s Rice Noodle

Thin rice noodle stir fried with shrimp and Asian roast pork and fresh mixed vegetables, very tasty