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Chicken Salad Plate

Our Specialty, grilled marinated chicken breast blended with a tangy lemon dill dressing and toasted walnuts, cucumbers and tomatoes, served on a bed of romaine lettuce, with a side of our Asian vinaigrett

Pot Stickers

Pan fried dumplings filled with pork and scallions, served with oyster sauce and spicy sesame soy

Soups of the Day

Prepared fresh daily, chicken egg drop and Pork Wonton

East Meets West Omelette

Shrimp, Asian roast pork, and chicken, with mushrooms, shredded cabbage, onions, and snow peas, served over steamed rice with sauteed vegetables

Vegetable Delight

Fresh Asian vegetables stir fried with mushrooms served with steamed rice

by the bottle or the glass Selections: R. H. Phillips Chardonnay Woodbridge Pinot Grigio Woodbridge White Zinfandel Columbia-Crest Merlot Cabernet


♦ Miller Lite ♦ Coors Lite ♦ Michelob Ultra ♦ Budweiser ♦ Bud Lite


Milk – White Milk – Chocolate Tropicana Lemonade Aquafina Bottled Water


Pepsi Diet Pepsi Sierra Mist Dr. Pepper

Choose from our homemade selection made fresh in our kitchen.